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In any field of endeavour – the arts, science, sports, medicine, media, politics, whatever - being a consistent practitioner over 50 years or more


A story of a 21st century Odysseus who took 20 years, like his Greek counterpart, to return home at last.

Lentil as anything

Shanaka Fernando is the revolutionary pioneer who created a chain of community restaurants called Lentil as Anything.


The Promise of Diversity: the Story of Jerzy Zubrzycki, Architect of Multicultural Australia by J.H. Williams and J. Bond.

FB & Germans

Frank Buchman, initiator of Moral Re-Armament, was an American with distant Swiss-German roots. Buchman had a deep love for Germany.

Father of The House, by Kim E. Beazley and John Bond

The political career of Kim Beazley, Sr. spanned three eras of Australian politics and thirty-two years of service.