About Us


If you:

  • have been involved with Initiatives of Change Australia’s programs, training events, or conferences;
  • support the work of the organisation; and
  • maintain a personal commitment to its values and practices

—then you may want to consider membership of IofCA.

Rights of membership

Membership of Initiatives of Change Australia (IofCA) is open to all in the IofCA network who accept to share ownership and responsibility for the movement in Australia, and who commit to upholding its values, mission and fellowship.

The authority of the organisation rests with its body of members, who are represented by an elected Board.

Membership brings with it the right to participate in Annual and any other General Meetings (usually one meeting a year), to vote in elections for the Board, and to stand for Board membership. Members also review the annual accounts, help ensure compliance with the IofCA Constitution and generally hold the Board to account.

The expectation is that all signed-up members will choose to be active in areas of their interest and expertise.

Responsibilities of membership

IofC Australia believes that this organisation can best function with information and responsibility being shared widely, and encourages the inclusion of new members who have chosen to live out the IofC approach, values and principles.

Membership declares your readiness to become part of IofC Australia’s organisational framework.

Members are responsible for electing the Board, which is answerable to the membership for the ongoing governance of the organisation, for its operations, for its financial health, and for its sustainability.

Benefits of IofCA membership

  • Members experience the value of joining a community of change-makers/ practitioners, of like-minded people.
  • Membership offers pathway opportunities for further engagement in the work of the organisation.
  • Members have a tangible role in the governance of the organisation, including through participation in General Meetings and the election of directors.
  • Members are supported to take leadership roles in the organisation, in their workplace, and in the community.

Membership fees

Membership is currently free.

Want to know more?

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