Meet the People

Meet the People

Individuals who decided that, 'Change begins with me.'

Many individuals touched by the ideals and philosophy of IofC have gone on to influence change in their communities, countries and beyond. In Australia, leaders have emerged from Indigenous, migrant and diaspora communities, who found that forgiveness and personal release from bitterness has promoted a cycle of positive action rippling out to touch many others. These are a sample of stories of change from individuals associated with IofC Australia, who took on board the message that, ‘Change begins with me.’

Change begins with me.

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Some call her ‘the woman behind the man’. Initiatives of Change Elder Tui Beggs is a leader in her own right.


A video interview with Jim Beggs, conducted by Christian Hoekstra, gives you the uncut version, story after story, of a life well-lived.


During the COVID-19 lockdown, Creators of Peace invited some of the network’s longest-serving practitioners to reflect on their life lessons.


Relinquishing the prospect of a medical career, Jean Brown heeded an inner prompting to become ‘a different sort of doctor.’


Wangkangurru ‘Stolen Generations’ man Mungathirra looks back over a lifetime of activism against injustice.


Rob Lancaster shares his thoughts on the impact IofC has had on his life through the years.