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Life Matters Workshops

Life Matters is an innovative, three-and-a-half-day workshop that gives participants the tools and drive to make positive change in their lives. Whether you want to help your community, or simply further your own personal discovery, this program propels you on that journey. 

People from vastly different backgrounds come together in workshops that examine identity, personal change, responsibility, accountability, trust, reconciliation, relationships, conflict resolution and forgiveness. Our facilitators use their expertise in a range of disciplines to demonstrate the Initiatives of Change philosophy: that great societal shifts begin with personal growth.

Workshop participants usually seek to:
  • develop new skills and character strengths needed to contribute to positive change in today's world;
  • expand their own worldview and ability to respond to people and situations;
  • explore and discover their own distinctive purpose in life; and
  • lInk up with a supportive community that continues to meet after the workshop is over.

The workshop content includes tools and approaches for:

  • discerning the moral values needed in the task of creating ‘a world that works’;
  • learning how an individual can make a difference;
  • making conflict transformation and reconciliation practical;
  • active listening - to other people, and to the inner voice for meaning and direction;
  • community building, teamwork and leadership;
  • understanding the root of particular national and international issues;
  • problem solving through personal change; and
  • spiritual empowerment for transforming people and society.

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Life Matters Workshop, Armagh, March 2021
Credit: Andrew Flynn

Workshops for ethical leadership and changemaking are running again now, after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Life Matters Participants at the November 2019 workshops.

A personal retreat that offers a platform for each participants to find the inspiration and energy they need to take the next step in life.


Life Matters alumni continue to meet, grow and network through follow-up events.


Watch the action from a Life Matters workshop and learn more about what these workshops can offer you.


James McIvor, a senior Manager in the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation, has many years of experience in career counselling and life s


Mark Russell spots some parallels between writing, martial arts, and the Life Matters course.