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Learn Cultural Intelligence with First Nations Leaders and Allies

Introducing the ‘Turruk’ immersive workshop series



Build trust and respectful relationships, led by First Nations.

Break the ‘Great Australian silence’ about our First Peoples.

Learn traditional wisdom and apply tools for change in every area of your life.


The Initiatives of Change Trustbuilding Program warmly invites to you to this series of immersive workshops, co-designed with First Nations community elders and knowledge holders.



Uncle Shane Charles, Co-Chair of Reconciliation Victoria, educator and Cultural Integrity Lead at Initiatives of Change Australia, is leading all sessions in partnership with community leaders and allies.

"I have a Dreaming...

"My spirit dances to be part of this Cultural Residency at Initiatives of Change.

"Together we can build an army of allies and create a national day of healing that begins with a smoking ceremony where we all come back to the fire. Everyone is welcome. I hope that all Australian people will learn to love my culture one day."



Turruk 2023 

Hosted live online and in-person at Armagh, 226 Kooyong Road, Toorak.

Dates: Tuesdays 9 May to 6 June 2023

Time : 2 - 5 pm AEST

Join us in making history. Discover how we can all feel empowered to make constitutional change in the upcoming Referendum for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament. Be confident in knowing not only what to vote for but understand why we are voting. Inspire your community with your own cultural intelligence and impactful changemaking.

In this extraordinary five week course, deepen your understanding of the Voice and it’s remarkable legacy. Broaden your perspective with a holistic framework to understand how the Voice is interconnected with Treaty, Truth-telling and a Makaratta commission. Discover how this process places self-determined justice and healing with First Peoples in the centre of it’s commitment.

Schedule of sessions:

  • Tuesday 9 May - Workshop 1: Voice - Authentic Leadership
  • Tuesday16 May - Workshop 2: Treaty - Inclusive Dialogues
  • Tuesday 23 May - Workshop 3: Truth - Healing Historical Wounds
  • Tuesday 30 May - Workshop 4: Makaratta - Diverse Collaboration
  • Tuesday 6 June - Workshop 5: Healing and Justice - Trustbuilding Futures



Past sessions of Turruk