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Many people associated with IofC Australia have made personal contributions in diplomacy, public administration, conflict mediation and anti-corruption campaigns. Others have produced creative works in the form of poetry, music and theatre.

We believe that individuals, communities, civil society, businesses and governments all play a role in building peace. Such roles can vary from international diplomacy to community dialogue, local initiatives, and training of individuals.

In our mission of ‘building trust across the world’s divides’ today, IofC Australia works mainly at the community and individual level. We are refining our approach and learning from other practitioners of peace building and trust building, often through personal and professional collaboration. Some of the techniques we use are well known to group facilitators, such as active listening and appreciative inquiry. Others are drawn from various faith traditions, including practices of daily quiet time and inner listening.

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If you’re looking to delve into works produced by IofC in the 20th century, take a look in our international archives