Initiatives of Change Australia in action

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Some call her ‘the woman behind the man’. Initiatives of Change Elder Tui Beggs is a leader in her own right.

Thomas Mayor, Torres Strait Islander and rights campaigner, delivers the keynote address at the launch of Our Uluru Response. / Credit: Eike Zeller

The trustbuilding project ‘Our Uluru Response’ launched in Melbourne on 19 March.

Indigenous music and dance at the launch of Our Uluru Response at Armagh. / Credit: Alex Childs

The launch of Our Uluru Response, a trust building project for truth telling and truth hearing with and about Australia's First Nations.


David Mills wrote the song ‘The Rock’ in 1988, the 200th anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival in Sydney Cove.


A video interview with Jim Beggs, conducted by Christian Hoekstra, gives you the uncut version, story after story, of a life well-lived.


Australians from different backgrounds visit an old Aboriginal settlement in Cherbourg, Queensland, on Wakka Wakka traditional lands.