The Joy of Global Harmony

Thursday, February 23, 2023


The afternoon of Sunday 12 February brought Armagh to life with the sound of music and the sight of colourful costumes.

The event was organised by IofCA and the Tongji Melbourne Alumni Association.

Beginning on the old tennis court, with a cleansing smoking ceremony, Fan dancing, Tai Chi and the New World choir, we were treated to an event both spectacular and meaningful. We moved through Dylan Charles playing the didgeridoo and on into the Ballroom for the magic to grow. Performances from First Nations, Ash Dargan, the Tongji alumni, Warren Wills and the Young World Choir and our own IofCA choir singing a medley of songs drawn from five different nations; all framed by words of wisdom on the joys of diversity, culture of acceptance, and increasing our capacity to help everyone feel they belong, by Bwe Thay Deputy Chair of the Victorian Multicultural Commission.


Photographs by Elena Tasso