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Operational Values

Operational Values for IofC Australia:

In order to create an open, inclusive, diverse, learning community that is compassionate and generous, we have chosen to practise these operational values:

  • Authenticity: having the courage to be straightforward and honest.
  • Flexibility/receptivity: engaging with others, having a listening ear and respect for different views, with readiness to adapt.
  • Timely decision-making and realistic deadlines
  • Silence and space: taking time for inner reflection
  • Integrity/reliability: doing what we say we will do.
  • Accountability: being personally responsible, including not exceeding one’s capacity; participating in evaluation.
  • Positive reinforcement: encouraging and respecting others; admitting and allowing for mistakes, regarding mistakes as potential learning experiences
  • Plan/do/review: applying the lessons of what has worked in programs and in practice.
  • Recognising conflict: addressing it promptly, with professional help as required.
  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance
  • Continual communication: to ensure transparency and shared understanding




10 February, 2017