Life Matters for ‘a more coherent self’

Monday, July 29, 2019

Life Matters workshops bring people together to learn life skills, discern life direction and gain perspective through hearing the experiences of others. The workshops, led by experienced facilitators in groups of 12 to 20 people, use personal quiet time, group reflection, and story sharing as tools.  

 ‘I feel differently about society now,’ concluded one participant at the close of the last Life Matters workshop in March. At the same event, IofC Board member Quynh-Tram Trinh, who has served as a Life Matters faculty member, noted that, ‘Life Matters helps people explore identities and arrive at a more coherent self.’ 

Andre Gorgievski went to the four-day residential workshop at Armagh, Melbourne, in March, and captured some of the action.

Life Matters Workshop Melbourne

If you’d like to have ‘head space’ to understand yourself and those around you better, meet people from different cultural backgrounds, and find companions in your search for meaning, think about joining one of these four-day residential workshops!

For more information on Life Matters workshops please contact Rob Wood