Meet the People

Meet the People

Individuals who decided that, 'Change begins with me.'

Many individuals touched by the ideals and philosophy of IofC have gone on to influence change in their communities, countries and beyond. In Australia, leaders have emerged from Indigenous, migrant and diaspora communities, who found that forgiveness and personal release from bitterness has promoted a cycle of positive action rippling out to touch many others. These are a sample of stories of change from individuals associated with IofC Australia, who took on board the message that, ‘Change begins with me.’

Change begins with me.

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Mike and Jean Brown in Malaysia during Action for Life

In the ‘60s, a 19-year old Mike Brown hoped to radically change the world.

Tianethone Chantharasy - June 2019 Sydney Australia 
Image provided by Rothay Abhay

Tianethone Chantharasy served as a diplomat and deputy Foreign Minister of Laos(1974-75), before Communist forces took over the reins of government

Heather Cetrangolo at Caux
Image credit: IofC Switzerland

Heather Cetrangolo is a Chaplain at the Uni of Melbourne and collaborates with IofCA to develop peacebuilding programs for international students.

Amiel Nubaha
Image Courtesy of IofC Switzerland

Amiel Nubaha’s life story is an inspiring tale of a young man determined to give back to his community and bring healing to them.


Charlotte Cameron took part in the first cycle of the Spiritual Ecology Leadership Program (SELP).

Liz Weeks at Armagh, 2019

Liz Weeks performed in musical revues, travelled in the Pacific, and hosted the Initiatives of Change centre, ‘Armagh,’ in Melbourne.