Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The 2020-2024 IofCA Strategic Plan is the inaugural five-year framework representing the commitments of IofCA Members, the Operations team, the Board and the broader network to meet societal needs in increasingly challenging times. 

Resulting from a six-month listening and gathering process, the Strategic Plan is an affirmation of our collective dedication and passion to take part in shaping the future and creating the momentum that we want to see, rather than simply reacting to shifting circumstances. It also opens doorways to innovation, cultural change and proactive strategies that will guide our response to a changing world.

The Strategic Plan upholds what IofC can offer to the world with its unique approach in enabling personal transformation, encouraging transformational leadership, fostering human connections, and collaboration to resolve conflicts and bring about a more inclusive and equal society.

The IofCA Strategic Plan includes five key goals supported by 25 objectives, including:

  • Goal 1:  Grow a national community of ‘transformation agents’
  • Goal 2:  Support leadership for trust building and transformation
  • Goal 3:  Strengthen and consolidate IofCA core programs and initiatives
  • Goal 4:  Achieve sustainability of the movement nationally and internationally
  • Goal 5:  Become known for our work to add value to communities