Initiatives of Change in Australia: A Short History

Painting by David Lancaster. Photo courtesy of Jean and Maya Fiaux

Initiatives of Change in Australia: A Short History

Thursday, March 4, 2021


Initiatives of Change (IofC) Australia did not begin as an organization. The group once known as Moral Re-Armament (MRA) was an international movement that was present in Australia as a loose network of like-minded individuals who sought to bring personal, spiritual, and social change for the common good.

Today we are an organisation and also a community of people who seek to create a just, humane, and sustainable society. Responding to the call of conscience, individuals associated with IofC in Australia have taken action and launched initiatives for a better world in areas as diverse as labour relations, leadership training, and diaspora action, Our story is one of faith, influence, and sharing of values as ‘a leaven or a seed.’

Click through to see highlights from history, in this presentation by Sally Burt and Delia Paul.