Frank Buchman and the Germans

Frank Buchman and the Germans

Thursday, September 15, 2016
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Author: Pierre Spoerri (year), translated by Peter Thwaites, 2015

Published by: Caux Books, translated edition published in 2016 No ISBN

Frank Buchman, initiator of Moral Re-Armament, was an American with distant Swiss-German roots. Buchman had a deep love for Germany. The period covered here, roughly 1920-1950, begins with a defeated Germany suffering economic collapse and widespread hardship following World War I. It covers the 12 years of Nazi power, which promised rebirth but brought tyranny, genocide and national destruction. It ends as a democratic Federal Republic and a reconciled Western Europe are about to take shape. See reader's review.

The author, Pierre Spoerri, worked as a full-time volunteer for Moral Re-Armament (now Initiatives of Change), in Asia, Africa and Europe all his life. Translator Peter Thwaites also worked for the organisation in Europe and in his home country of Australia. Read more on the IofC International website: Read translator Peter Thwaites’ account of translating this book:

Read a review of the book here

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