Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

National Education Forum with Yingiya Mark Guyula MLA

Talking Treaty, self-determination and Yolŋu Rom Ŋurruŋu

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 19:30

We invite you to come and yarn awhile with a man who speaks to you out of a living culture that goes back some 60,000 years; a man who ran as an Independent in the world of western politics - and won; a man who in speaking for his people, the Yolgnu of remote north-eastern Northern Territory, speaks to the soul of our nation Australia—and beyond.

Hear about self-determination, the fight for Treaty and Yolŋu Rom Ŋurruŋu ('Yolgnu way first')—a message from Arnhem Land for all Australians, and for the world. It speaks of the foundation of all relationships since the time of creation.

Yingiya Mark Guyula was born in Barrnyinnur (Buckingham Bay) in Arnhem Land in the remote northeastern Northern Territory. Until the age of 10, he was raised in a traditional Yolgnu homeland community. Upon entering the Western education system he learned English and became an aircraft mechanic and engineer, commercial pilot, cross-cultural educator, community facilitator, and senior university lecturer. He made history by becoming the only First Nations Independent member of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, winning by eight votes in 2016 against a sitting party deputy leader, and being re-elected in 2020.

Yingiya has consistently campaigned for the rights of First Nations and remote communities, including a successful campaign to amend parliamentary Standing Orders, becoming the first Australian politician to make a substantial address in an Aboriginal language. His policy commitments include measures for justice, economic independence, self-governing communities, bilingual education, renewable energy, action on ocean pollution, and a renewed ban on fracking.

Meet Yingiya. Hear what he is fighting for on his 2020 election video.

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