Funding Support

Funding Support

IofC Australia is able to offer some funding to enable participation in IofC programs, where needed.  For expressions of interest, application forms, or general information, please email Program Support, Australia for the following funds:

International Program Support (IPS) funding is available to assist Australians in attending International conferences and programs at Caux in Switzerland, Panchgani in India, and other identified IofC training and action programs overseas.  This includes, though not exclusively, Caux Scholars India, Creators of Peace, Farmers Dialogue, Life Matters Workshops and the Asia-Pacific Youth Conferences (APYC).  Apart from events at Caux in Switzerland and in South Sudan, the focus for funding is primarily for travel and participation in activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Pacific Fund (PF) is available to support South Pacific Island people to attend IofC conferences and programs in their countries, or overseas as outlined in IPS above as well as in Australia.  Support can also be available for travel and associated expenses of people who are contributing to IofC programs in the South Pacific Islands. Support for program expenses may also be considered.

The Cooney Youth Fund (CYF) was established from a bequest in 2015 with the purpose of supporting younger Australians aged between 18-35 who are volunteering with IofC or engaging with IofC program activity in Australia or overseas.

The First Nations Fund (FNF) was established to facilitate the participation of Indigenous Australians in the programs and initiatives of IofC in Australia or overseas, with the aim of developing leadership capacity and contributing to the healing and bridging of divides in Australia and the world.

Applications for assistance may also be considered when IofC is working in partnership with another organisation.

Funding will be determined according to listed criteria in the application form and by assessment of the Program Support Working Group.  All applicants are required to make a significant contribution towards expenses, either from their personal funds or other sources.