Empowering Refugees and Migrants as Peacebuilders and Agents of Change

Monday, July 5, 2021


On Sunday 20 June, Prof. Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, gave the keynote at a webinar organised on World Refugee Day 2021. Prof Gandhi drew inspiration from his grandfather's choice to lead a nomadic life, following a sense of inner leading to be a peace builder and truth teller, with love and care for the needs of people. He said, of the Mahatma, "His was a life of a man without a home but with a mission." Prof. Gandhi highlighted that we are all descendants of refugees and migrants, with much potential for creating change where ever we are.

Amiel Nubaha, Board member of IofCA and initiator of the webinar, spoke of his own life experience of being a refugee from Rwanda. He spoke of his near-death experiences in refugee camps, his gratitude for his new home of Australia, the challenge of identity, and his hopes for the future of Rwanda. Drawing on his life experience, he described the strength and motivation he now has to be an agent of change for others in similar situations. 

A recording of the session is available below.