In Conversation: Kelvin Brown, Tribal Elder of the Gamilaraay Nation

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


With the sounding of Clap sticks to inform the spirits that we were gathered for peaceful purposes, Kelvin Brown, an Elder of the Anaiwan people of the Gamilaraay nation, shared stories from his life with listeners. The Zoom session was part of the monthly Creators of Peace NSW online Speaker Series and the interview was conducted by Tanya Fox.

Starting from his childhood, Kelvin traced his grandparents’ ancestry. Tales of his family life, growing up in an Aborignal reserve, and his first encounters with spirits kept the audience captivated. Kelvin vividly described his first out-of-body experience and contact with ancestors, and humbly acknowledged that, ‘We get told things not for ourselves, but that we then can pass that message on.’

Kelvin has served in the military, as did his grandfathers and father. He has completed his degree in Health. He remains involved in community engagement, and played a crucial role in setting up the Armajun Aboriginal Health Service, which continues to be on one of the most effective health services in NSW.

In addition to involvement with the Myall Creek memorial, Kelvin continues his cultural engagement and connection to Country by continuing to speak up about Aboriginal people in a positive light, as well as the need to address issues that affect them. He is committed to ensuring that alongside cultural awareness, there is also cultural knowledge being shared so that there is better understanding and higher engagement in all interactions.


Listen to the recording of his interview below.