Australians Sharing a New Story

Australians Sharing a New Story

Blacktown Forum, NSW

Australians Sharing a New Story

All of Blacktown’s diverse residents are invited to a public forum at Bowman Hall and in other venues over the weekend of 3-5 May 2019 to start a process of story-sharing, focussing on two questions: What brought you (and your family) to Blacktown? And what experience would you like to share that has made you who you are? 

Everyone’s story matters. Everyone can be a listener. Together we can help to create a new story of our shared humanity.

Too often the various narratives of who we are and where we’ve come from become a cause of confusion, even tension and conflict. 

But as has been said, we are a ‘three-story nation’:

  • the oldest living culture in the world, written into our landscape and heritage
  • a British system of law and governance, institutions and traditions
  • and a rich multicultural mix of people and cultures from all over the world.

All three belong in Blacktown. Through hearing and valuing the narratives of people from each community, of hearing the stories of struggle and achievement, of breaking through barriers and building community, Blacktown can help challenge the current narratives of fear, grievance and entitlement that dominate the headlines. 

‘Australians sharing a new story’ will be a chance for Blacktown to discover itself at a deeper level.

Blacktown’s First Nations residents will help us understand and value the history of the original ‘Black’s Town’. Long-term residents and new arrivals. All can be involved. It will be a celebration of evidence-based examples of transformation and trust building in action.

  • The full program schedule for the weekend is available here. 

The program will open in Bowman Hall on Friday 3 May with a panel of local and nationally-recognised personalities sharing their stories, a keynote speaker to set the national/global context, and an interactive process for everyone to engage with each other.

Saturday 4 May will feature a range of workshops and documentaries, showcasing initiatives that break barriers and build community – from within Blacktown and beyond.

Sunday 5 May will start with story-sharing circles where anyone can contribute the experiences that matter to them. The Forum will conclude with inspiring speakers, bringing together feedback, laying out challenges and framing future initiatives for Blacktown.

How you can participate or find out more

Contact the Project Coordinator Daniel Gobena by email or on 0475 636 032.

Involve organisations you are part of, spread the word, set up a story-sharing circle.

Volunteer to help with the Forum.

Download the publicity flyer here.