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Friday, 13 October, 2017
That Other Voice book cover

British journalist and broadcaster Graham Turner's new book, That Other Voice, addresses the fundamental issue of whether or not there is a God who can speak to us in this day and age. And, if so, how? Turner takes a suitably sceptical view without making any presumptions. He interviews people from the major faith traditions: Jewish, Hindu, Christian, sufi Muslim, Tibet Buddhist and including the emphasis of Initiatives of Change on silent listening in 'quiet times'.

Monday, 04 September, 2017
A Naga Odyssey Book Cover

Nagaland is a mountainous state in Northeast India. It borders Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar and Manipur. It is inhabited by 16 ethnic groups, all unique in their customs, language and dress. It became the 16th state of India in 1963 but since the 1950s has experienced insurgency and violent inter-ethnic conflict which continues to this day.

Visier Meyasetsu Sanyü, a man from Nagaland, together with Richard Broome, an Emeritus Professor of History at La Trobe University in Melbourne, wrote this book, 'A Naga Odyssey' which tells an extraordinary story of a 21st-century Odysseus who took 20 years, like his Greek counterpart, to return home at last.

Tuesday, 08 August, 2017
The Gandhi Experiment Book Cover

‘The Gandhi Experiment – Teaching Our Teenagers How to Become Global Citizens’ is a short, easily digestible book that has been developed to suit flexible learning situations. Some chapters can be completed in one session, while others focus on overarching concepts that can be taught over multiple lessons. Each chapter is full of tools and strategies for peace building that are easily adaptable according to context.