Thursday, 20 August, 2009

170 women have now registered for the Creators of Peace (CoP) conference Creating a Culture of Peace - what will it take? (Sydney, 30 September - 4 October). Read more >>

Thursday, 20 August, 2009

A fourth basketball and lifeskills camp took place over the weekend of 10th-12th July, 2009, at the YMCA Recreation Campsite in Anglesea. Read more >>

Thursday, 20 August, 2009

Over the month of July, two events occurred at Armagh, the Initiatives of Change centre in Melbourne. Read more >>

Thursday, 20 August, 2009

As the Caux Conferences 2009 come to an end, Australians share their experiences. Read more >>

Thursday, 02 July, 2009
Ann Njeri in Indonesia

Susan Macaulay, the Founder of, met Ann Njeri at the Initiatives of Change Tools for Change conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in February 2009. It was a moving and transformational experience. The article, with the heading "Long Live Islam", shares the conviction of Ann Njeri, a Christian from Kenya.

Monday, 27 July, 2009

Lindsay Cartwright reports on the interfaith conference held on 21st June in Perth, Australia...

Wednesday, 01 July, 2009
Peace Circle in New Zealand

Within the two first weeks of June, two Creators of Peace workshops took place in New Zealand. Starting from 6 June, participants to the two day workshop were welcomed by Glenys Wood at the IofC Centre in Lower Hutt. The second workshop was held at the Mercy Spirituality Centre in Auckland.

Friday, 22 May, 2009
Former rival militants from Guadalcanal have pledged to pursue peace after attending a Winds of Change workshop. From left, Patrick Haukare, Michael Vutiande, Reginald Billy, Jonathan Vani, Justin Pascal and Derol Kikolo. (PHOTO: Charles Kadamana - Solomon Star)

John Mills reports on the recent Solomon Islands conference, 'Reconciliation: The Way Forward', held with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu to coincide with the launch of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It was followed by a workshop for former combatants.

Thursday, 07 May, 2009
Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (photo by Wa-J)

Retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu helped launch a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Solomon Islands on 29th April. He also spoke at an Initiatives of Change conference held to coincide with the launch.

Thursday, 09 April, 2009
Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (photo by Wa-J)

The Solomon Times reports that Winds of Change, the Initiatives of Change group in Solomon Islands, is organizing a conference on peace and reconciliation with the special participation of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The conference will take place 29 April to 1 May 2009.