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Beyond Forgiving

Beyond Forgiving temporary coverBeyond Forgiving is a documentary film, which depicts the journey of two South Africans to bring healing and reconciliation to their country post-Apartheid. Ginn Fourie and Letlapa Mphalele form an unlikely pair: a black atheist man and a white Christian woman.  One has suffered directly from actions of the other, but both have been victims - and risen beyond their pain. What brings them together is a profound story of tragedy, forgiveness and hope.

In 1993, during the Apartheid decades, Letlapa, then director of operations for the military wing of the Pan-Africanist Congress ordered reprisal massacres in response to the killing of black school children.  Ginn lost her only daughter in one of these.  She later forgave Letlapa. In the film, he says this was like another window of life for him. ‘Because for a long time, I had demonised the people I was fighting against but when people were reaching out and even agreeing to meet with me, it was like an opening of a world that was, until then, closed to me.’

The film tells of the journey they undertook to help their country, which suffers from the world's highest crime level in this post-Apartheid phase. Through their work, they try to bring a new spirit of community and forgiveness, in their country and beyond.

Price: $20

The Imam and the Pastor

The Imam and the Pastor DVD coverDocumentary about the reconciliation between Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye, and the peace-making initiatives which have flowed from it. The film, narrated by Rageh Omaar, shows that it is possible for the perpetrators of inter-religious violence to become instigators of peace. It is both a story of forgiveness and a case study of grass-root initiatives to rebuild communities torn apart by conflict. 

Price: DVD $32 (personal use), for multiple showings: $70 (Non profit bodies), $100 (Tertiary Educational/Training)

A free study guide for use with The Imam and the Pastor can be downloaded here.
Leaders notes, for use when studying the film in a group are also available here.


For the Love of Tomorrow - the story of Irene Laure

For the Love of Tomorrow video coverThis film is a unique profile of Madame Irène Laure, a member of the French Resistance who, in the rubble of post-war Europe, discovered forgiveness to be a force stronger than hatred. ‘I longed for the total destruction of Germany,’ she recalls, ‘… that it would no longer exist… [but] hatred, whatever the reason for it, is always a factor in causing a new war.

Irène Laure travelled to Germany shortly after the end of hostilities and spoke of her experience of forgiveness to thousands of people. She was decorated by both the French and German governments for her contribution to the reconciliation of their countries.

Available in 15 languages including French, English, German, Spanish, Afrikaans, Hindi, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Urdu and Welsh.

Price: $20


Zahra - Change begins at home

Zahra change begins at homeZAHRA is a documentary film that depicts the passion and commitment of a single mother with four children; a refugee from Somalia, who overcomes obstacles to transform her life and make a difference in the community. She tackles alarming subjects such as female mutilation, tribal conflict and inter-generational differences.

Is it possible to bring about a resolution to conflict between groups and clans, campaigning on the global issue of female genital mutilation? This is a moving film that explores such issues, which affect social harmony… 

Price: $20


An African Answer

Front cover of An African Answer DVDMore than one thousand people were killed following disputed elections in Kenya at the end of 2007. Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor Jame Wuye - former militia leaders turned peace-makers from Nigeria - were invited to mediate in the worst-affected district. This film depicts their dramatic bid to bring healing and reconciliation after death and destruction.

An African Answer, shot in Kenya, was premiered in Nairobi on 11 June 2010 in the Amani Room of the Serena Hotel in Nairobi. 'Amani' means peace in Swahili and the room acquired its name after Kenya's post-election violence in 2008. It was here that Kofi Annan brokered the National Peace Accord and the formation of Kenya's present coalition government.

Price: $30