Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - 17:30

“Unless we go to Circular, it’s game over for the planet; it’s game over for society.” These are the opening words, by sustainability expert Prof. Wayne Visser, of the first film to be made about the circular economy - now screening for the first time in Melbourne.

Directed by two-time Telly and Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Graham Sheldon, and presented by Visser, this is an optimistic film about innovative solutions, which explores the ways in which businesses across the world are transforming from a linear (take-make-waste) economic model to a circular (zero waste) economic model.

In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 12 on Sustainable Consumption and Production, the documentary explores five key strategies for achieving circularity – reduce, reuse, recycle, renew and reinvent – by showcasing examples from Europe, Latin America and Africa and featuring insights from leaders at the World Economic Forum and the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard.

The key takeaway message from Closing the Loop is that moving to a circular economy is not only essential and urgent, but also entirely possible. By taking inspiration from circular pioneers, such as those featured in the film, we can scale up similar business models, product innovations and customer solutions around the world. 

There will be a discussion after the screening with Michelle Fisher, who started up and coordinates all the Melbourne 'repair cafes', and Helen Millicer, a circular economy expert with extensive experience in the waste and recycling sector in Australia. 

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This event is organised on behalf of LaunchPad network - a social enterprise with a unique membership-based platform dedicated to empowering individuals to plan, design, launch or re-launch their career with sustainability and positive social impact in mind. 

Proceeds from the evening will support IofC Australia’s Sustainable Impact Mentoring (SIM) program, which supports the development of local innovative projects for sustainability and social change, which are designed to meet community needs.

Schedule for the evening

5.30pm - Networking and food

6.30pm - Film screening

8.00pm - Panel discussion (speakers to be confirmed)

9.00pm - Close

Find out more at the Closing the Loop website