John MillsJohn Mills took a year off medical studies to take an IofC play to a miners’ strike at Mount Isa in outback Queensland, Australia. One year became 50, as the healing and life-changing experiences he witnessed convinced him that IofC had something important to contribute to individuals and society.

John has worked with IofC in Eritrea, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Taiwan, the UK and several European countries. With his wife Helen, he served for 10 years in New Zealand, where they worked with Maori leader Canon Wi Huata on running community- building conferences on several Maori marae (meeting grounds). This culminated in a conference for Pacific Rim countries, which brought together over 200 participants.

On his return to Australia, John was involved with the IofC Effective Living program, a six-month program for Asian and Australian youth, and later helped develop the Life Matters course, which runs in Australia and several Asian countries. He has also worked on Australian-Indigenous reconciliation efforts, including the Blackwood Reconciliation Group in South Australia, and preparations for National Sorry Day.

Based on these experiences, John has a wealth of experience connecting with young people. He lives in Adelaide.