Jean Brown

Jean Brown embarked on a peripatetic life after leaving medical studies, having received a call to ‘be a different sort of doctor’ when she was 21. Over the past 50 years, she has designed and developed many IofC programs.

As a full-time volunteer with IofC, Jean has served in different countries around the world: 15 years in India, five in the US, and varying periods in Australia as well as countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. British-born and married to Australian Mike Brown, Jean is the mother of two and now grandmother of five.

With husband Mike, she was active in the Australian reconciliation movement and in inter-racial dialogues in the US that led to the establishment of the Hope in the Cities program based in Richmond, Virginia. She helped design and run the Action For Life youth leadership program that operated in Southeast Asia over 10 years, and the Life Matters program in Australia. Jean is the author and designer of the Creators of Peace (CoP) methodology, developing the ‘Peace Circle’ as the primary tool of the (CoP) program, which is available in 43 countries. She is now an Elder of that program. In 2013 she was invited to South Sudan as part of a team to assist with the launch of a national reconciliation movement under the office of the President.

With these experiences, Jean is more aware than ever of the discoveries still to be made. She delights in accompanying others on their journeys, with the expectation of mutual growth.