Creators of Peace

Creators of Peace (CoP) is an international women’s initiative started in 1991. It challenges women everywhere to:

  • Share responsibility for their part in the perpetration of conflict and in its resolution

  • Engage in the creation of peace at every level of society

  • Break the chains of hate and revenge

  • Build networks of forgiveness and friendship across racial, religious and social divides.

These goals are the focus of Creators of Peace Circles, small community gatherings of women who work together through specific material designed to deepen their friendship and understanding of their peace creating capabilities.

Creators of Peace is offering a chance to take part in CoP Peace Circles in Melbourne in February and June 2018. 


The CoP Peace Circles run for two-and-a-half-days, and you would need to attend all sessions over that time, as they are designed to be consecutive. The venue is at Armagh, 226 Kooyong Road, Toorak, Victoria 3142.


The February CoP Peace Circle runs from Friday evening, 23 February to Sunday afternoon, 25 February. The opening session takes place from 7-9 pm on Friday, and includes refreshments afterwards. It continues on Saturday and Sunday, runing from  9-5 pm each day, including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. To express interest in attending the February 2018 CoP Peace Circle, and for more information, please leave your details here: or contact or on (03) 9822 1218.


The June CoP Peace Circle runs over two weekends, with the opening session taking place from 7-9 pm on Friday 22 June, the following session from 9 am - 5 pm on Saturday 23 June, and the final session from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday 30 June. The full-day sessions will include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. To express interest in attending the June 2018 CoP Peace Circle, and for more information please leave your details here:

Creators of Peace


Images by Shoshana Faire

For the latest news and information regarding CoP, please visit our international website.

There is also a Facebook page for Creators of Peace in New South Wales. 

For information about opportunities to participate in Peace Circles around Australia, or find out more, please email Creators of Peace.

Browse through our latest newsletter here: 

CoP NSW Jan-March 2018 Newsletter




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Wednesday, 10 March, 2010
Bek Brown and Therese Minitong-Kemelfield met through Creators of Peace Circles

The local press in South Australia recently picked up the community building potential of the Creators of Peace Circles. The following article from the Messenger Press, was sent in by Jean and Bek Brown who, with other friends, are currently running a number of introductory gatherings around their city of Adelaide.